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"Breads and cookies are cheap products. Until now I could never advertise in a magazine or on a printed map but with iLandGuide I have the opportunity to upload my promotions and appetizing pictures of my deliciously fresh products, which attracts the hungry tourists."

Car Rental

"I like that I can upload my car types and prices so people can easily find what we offer. iLandGuide is the best solution to put ourselves on a digital map, which makes the navigation super easy for everyone, who would like to find us!"


"In a printed ad we could only put a some nice pictures of meals or an interior photo. That's good for branding. But for us this app is very useful because tourists can find our place buy searching for the meal-time , the type of foods or the location/surrounding."


"We arrange live concerts and parties quite often. Tourist are coming and leaving our city. In the past we had to use flyer communication but that's not effective enough. Now we can put all our events in iLandGuide."

Massage Parlour

"There are several competitors in our business. The more you can give the more customers you have. We make happy-hours and unique sales promotions sometimes. Before this we only put a poster in front of our shop. Now we can upload these promotions to iLandGuide."


"We have two type of customers: one who book the rooms in advance, and the others are the walk-in clients, who arrive to the city and trying to find an accomodation here. For those iLandGude is very effective to find our hotel by searching for the type of facilities we have in this island."
Share your company info
Upload a short info or a longer description of your business with all the necessary contacts. Attach pictures to make it more attractive.
Share your location
Record your GPS position so your location will be shown on the digital map. The tourists will easily navigate to your place.
Share your events
Do you have an opening party or a live concert in your restaurant? Upload your featured events with date, time, description and pictures.
Share your promotion
2 for 1? % Discount? Upload any sales promotion to attract more customers to your place.
Advanced search engine
With the advanced search engine tourists can easily find you in several ways.

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"Breads and cookies are cheap products. I could never advertise in a magazine or on a printed map but with iLandGuide I can upload my promotions so I can communicate my fresh products to the hungry tourists."

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