The most detailed map

On the iLandGuide digital map, you can easily find the points of interest. The icons of the different POI categories on the phone screen clearly show what type of service a POI offers. Thanks to the local cartographer teams iLandGuide makes a distinction between hard surface and dirt roads on its map for your safe journey. As you can see both your current location and your destination, it is easy to find the best way to get there. The map is one of the most important features of the iLandGuide service, that is why we always care to update it with all the useful information you need for a perfect holiday.
Hundreds of interesting places

If you are looking for an answer to a question like what to see, where to sleep, where to shop, where to rent a vehicle, where to eat great local or international food, where you can find business partners, where the best beach for snorkeling is, where the long term rental houses are …. all you need to do is download the local iLandGuide. The answers will immediately be at your hand and you can check out the detailed pages of the POIs full with pictures, descriptions, upcoming events and special sales promotions.
Advanced Search Engine

Do you have a specific wish? Would you like to stay at an apartment on the hill top with sea view or would you prefer a bungalow on the beach, with live music every night? Using the advanced search function you can filter according to your personal criteria by the most detailed attributes in order to find the place that best suits your needs.
Going out Tonight?

Do you wish to join a cool party or just chill out with some live music? Are you bored and have no idea what to do today? iLandGuide helps you to be up to date about the upcoming events. All you need to do is to quickly filter the places of your preference and you will get the best offers for spending your quality time.
Go for the Best Deals!

Do you wish to find the best buying options ever? Are you slightly shopaholic? Be it special deals, price reductions, sales promotions, coupon downloads - with the filterable promotion page of iLandGuide you will always be able to find the best deals around you.
A whole Tourist Guide in your hand

Get an insight into the place where you are on holiday. You are welcome to find all the useful information about transportation, time schedules, local habits and culture, local food, safety instructions, important phone numbers and much, much more...
Avoid high roaming fees

The complete iLandGuide know-how will be on your phone. Even with data roaming turned off you are free to use it, you can navigate on the map and get access to the whole database. The updates will be synchronized once you have a Wi-Fi Internet connection.

Available locations
We focus on seaside vacation spots all over the world. Check out where iLandGuide is available for download.

New generation of tourism marketing
Share the location info and description of your business. Upload photos, events and promotions. Catch the attention of your potential customers.

Let's do business together
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