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Frequently Asked Questions
What is iLandGuide?
iLandGuide is a free, all in one digital travel guide application for smartphones with many useful information, detailed map, hundreds of interesting places, events and promotions.

What can I find in the App?
Nearly everything what you are looking for on a holiday. A detailed map on where you can locate you GPS position, detailed information with pictures of many interesting places like hotels, restaurants, shops, rentals, bank, beaches, sightseeing points etc. You can check out the upcoming events and the available promotions of the shops in your area. Useful gadgets like currency converter and travel notes which make your vacation easier.

How much does iLandGuide cost?
iLandGuide is a free application for all iPhone and Android users.

How can I download iLandGuide?
iLandGuide mobile application is downloadable from the official Apple App Store and the Android Market. You can find the direct links of each destination under the places page.

How can I download the app if I don't have internet on my phone?
If you are on your holiday you can seek our free WIFI stations (mostly on the entering points of the place like airports, harbors etc.) where you can connect to the Internet and download the App for free.

Do I need internet access to use iLandGuide?
No, iLandGuide is 100% working offline, so you don't need Internet access or data roaming to use it, only when you download it.

How is that possible that the database is up to date if the App works offline?
When you have Internet access on your mobile (for example in your hotel or in a restaurant) and you start using iLandGuide it synchronizes its database so you will have everything updated on your mobile.

On what kind of phones can I install iLandGuide?
At the moment iLandGuide can be used on all iPhones and Android based smartphones (like Samsung, LG, HTC etc.).

Can I use iLandGuide on iPod Touch?
Yes you can. All functions are reachable on iPod Touch except to geo localization because there is no built in GPS.

Why the maps in iLandGuide are so detailed?
We realized that on many vacation places the available online maps are not detailed enough. Because we know what it feels like to lost abroad on an endless dirt road without any sign we decided we make our own map with our own cartographer team to provide the best navigation experience for you, to never get lost.

Can I find my position on the map?
Sure you can. iPhone and most Android smartphones have built in GPS so they can locate your current position and show on the map.

Do I have to pay data roaming cost to use the GPS?
No, the GPS localization doesn't use Internet so even if you don't have cellular network you can find your way on the map.

What kind of events and promotions can I find in the App?
Many informations in iLandGuide are provided by local business owners like hotels, restaurants, shops etc. They are uploading there actual events and promotions by themselves so you can be sure that you can always find the best deals and programs to go out.

How can I find the information what I'm looking for in the App?
iLandGuide has an advanced search engine so you can filter the whole database for the smallest details what you are looking for. (For example you can set that you want to find a restaurant, on the beach, with japanese food, with live music.) You can even use the keyword search which filtering the whole content of the database.

In which countries can I use iLandGuide?
iLandGuide have separately downloadable applications in each countries/locations. You can check out the actual list of the available downloads on the Places page.

In which countries can I use iLandGuide in the future?
We are distributing our iLandGuide in franchise to local sales partners. We are working hard to open new locations month by month.

Will there any software updates in the future?
Sure there will. We are developing iLandGuide continuously without any stop to come out with fresh, useful ideas every half year to make sure that you have the most clever holiday app in your hand.

Can I suggest new functions?
We have plenty of ideas on our desk which are secret at the moment but of course we are opened for any new suggestions. Feel free to write us.

Didn't find your question? Ask it now!
We are here to help you and answer all your questions. Feel free to write us.


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