Frequently Asked Questions
What is iLandGuide?
iLandGuide is an all in one travel guide application for smartphones (iPhone and Android) focusing on seaside vacation places, with many useful information which searchable by the tourists. In addition it is a good way for any local business (hotels, restaurants, shops, rentals etc.) to reach their possible customers, communicate their location, news, events and promotions.

How many tourist have smartphones?
Nowadays there are more than 80% of the tourists who visit seaside holiday places are using smartphones. This number is growing day by day.

How can the tourists get iLandGuide to their mobile phones?
iLandGuide mobile application is downloadable from the official Apple App Store and the Android Market.

How the tourists know about iLandGuide?
The concept of our business is to use strong local marketing activity on the available locations. This means that tourists are informed about iLandGuide on the main entering points of the area (airport, harbor, train station etc.) by posters, and flyers. In addition we use international online marketing as well. Overall, all these ensure that nearly everybody will meet with iLandGuide on their vacation.

Why are you sure that the App is used by the tourists?
We use a strong local marketing activity so the tourists will know about the App. On the main entering points (airport, harbor etc.) of the place we install free WIFI stations so the people can connect to the Internet and download the application while they are waiting for their luggages or the vehicle. The App is full of useful information, a detailed map, hundreds of local places, pictures, events and promotions. One they download the application it doesn't need Internet to use it so the users don't have to care about the high roaming charges.

Who can advertise in iLandGuide?
iLandGuide advertisement is good for all businesses who want to reach the tourists. You can be a hotel, resort, bar, restaurant, shop, activity, rental etc. - we are sure that you have something to communicate for your customers.

What can I advertise in iLandGuide?
You can communicate nearly everything about your business depending on your subscription package. You can upload a short info, a detailed description, 1 to 5 pictures, searchable keywords, events and promotions, your GPS location on the map.

How can the tourists find my place?
The GPS position of your place is shown on the detailed map by an icon. Tourists can see their current position so they can easily navigate to you location.

How can the tourists search in the App?
There is an advanced search function in iLandGuide which let the users search in the database by several keywords and tags. For example if your are a restaurant with japanese cousin the tourists will find your place if they set they want to eat japanese food or if they write the keyword: "japan".

How much does it cost for me?
iLandGuide is a cost-effective way of communicating to your possible customers. You can chose from three different subscription packages from 49 to 99 USD, depending on how much information you would like to upload. Please contact our local partner in your region.

How can I update my information in the App?
After your registration you will get a personal access to our Administration System where you can manage your infos, pictures, events and promotions. After any changes the datas will be synchronized to the application database in 24 hour.

Why is this called the next generation of tourism marketing?
Nowadays most of the people get used to have the information quickly. They're using smartphones for browsing the Internet, reading e-mails, share their moments with their friends. The mobiles are always in the pockets. The old fashioned advertisements, magazines, flyers, posters are very good to catch an attention. But when people really want to find something they can use their mobiles. iLandGuide give the possibility to the local businesses to fill the gap between them and their possible customers. They can communicate on a unique, innovative way, like never done before.

Is this like having a website?
Actually it's much better. People are not always take their computers to their holidays. Websites can be viewed correctly on a computer. Even if people have web browser on their mobiles usually they turn of data roaming abroad because of the high roaming fees. If people want to find exact information like events, promotions or even GPS locations the web search is not so effective. In iLandGuide all these contents are collected, searchable, and accessible without Internet connection.

In which countries iLandGuide is available?
iLandGuide have separately downloadable applications in each countries/locations. We are distributing our business modell in franchise to local sales partners. We are working hard to open new locations month by month. You can check out the actual list of the available downloads on the Places page.

Who made iLandGuide?
iLandGuide Worldwide was established by touristic and advertising experts who worked more than ten years in the same segment before. This makes sure that the iLandGuide application can cover all the needs of the tourists and the local businesses as well.

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"Breads and cookies are cheap products. I could never advertise in a magazine or on a printed map but with iLandGuide I can upload my promotions so I can communicate my fresh products to the hungry tourists."

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